…with the Sydney Higher Education Institute Cert IV in TESOL course you will be qualified to teach English in Australia or anywhere in the world.

Study at your own pace and get an Australian Government and internationally recognized qualification that can open the door to rewarding employment opportunities.

Get qualified in 40 weeks at a very reasonable cost.


  • This course provides the standard qualification in Australia for teaching EFL/ ESL (English as a foreign language/ English as a second language) in a language school or university and is recognised in other countries as equivalent to the CELTA or Trinity Certificate in TESOL.
  • This course is an Australian Government accredited course, as part of the Australian Qualifications Framework  of certificates, diplomas and degrees.


  • All professionally-minded people of all ages and backgrounds who can see themselves Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), in reputable language schools, training providers and firms anywhere in the world are eligible to apply.
  • No degree? No problem! There are no pre-requisites. To apply, learners may be asked to undertake an interview and/or an assessment before enrolment.

WHAT WILL I LEARN? Graduates of the 11245NAT Certificate IV in TESOL course are ready to:

  • Plan and deliver sessions for learners of all types, in groups of all sizes, which have clear objectives and are engaging (and usually fun).
  • Assess learners’ abilities and identify areas that need improvement.
  • Construct courses and lesson plans for themselves or for other teachers to use.
  • Lead the learning process and create awesome environments for learning.
  • Practically apply relevant teaching theories and methods to make a difference to their learners’ lives.
  • Assist learners to prepare for formal language tests.
  • Teach specialised courses and clientele, from children to business employees, teaching all levels of English and Exam preparation courses.
  • Create awesome teaching materials from the plethora of resources out there.


  • Can be done 100% online at your own pace with face-to-face support from an experienced expert through videoconferencing. This means you can even do it whilst overseas.
  • The program takes a period of approximately 40 weeks on average. However, we recognise the need to consider the possibility that there will be some learners that will require a lesser amount of training and some that might need a greater amount of training. Training will be delivered through an online platform using self-directed learning, which will incorporate a variety of learning methods.


  • Convert your effort immediately into income.
  • Once you have finished the course, you are ready to be employed anywhere in the world as an EFL teacher. This is ideal for any work/study and travel plans you have, as you will earn an income while you travel or study overseas.
  • There is no need for further study or qualifications. You will be ready and confident to start the next day.
  • Many of our graduates are working right now as professional full-time EFL English teachers or as part-time teachers while they travel on a gap year or study abroad.
  • Expect to earn between AUD$25-50 per hour, depending on the country you are in. Once you have experience, there is great potential for this rate to increase. Even teaching at AUD$50 in the UK is almost 3 times what you would earn working in a pub! As a native speaker, the Certificate IV in TESOL qualification gives you opportunities to teach online, connecting you with learners anywhere in the world.
  • Some of our recent graduates are university students in Australia who teach online to pay their living expenses, working from home and earning twice what they previously earned working shifts in retail or hospitality.