Detailed Information about Cert IV TESOL Online Course

The purpose of Cert IV TESOL is to produce skilled and knowledgeable entry-level English as a Foreign Language/English as a Second Language (EFL/ESL) teachers, teaching assistants and tutors. The course will also enable experienced but unqualified people to acquire a formal qualification in TESOL. Cert IV TESOL is intended to provide participants with a range of knowledge and skills to perform a variety of functions associated with teaching English to speakers of other languages. It will also assist learners to improve their own English language skills and enable them to obtain teaching assistant, tutoring or teaching positions. Participants will develop skills in classroom management, presentation techniques, lesson planning and resource preparation, together with skills and knowledge to assist EFL and ESL learners to improve their grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Participants will also develop an understanding of different methods of testing language ability, while gaining the skills and knowledge to be able to assist learners to prepare for a range of English language tests. They will also be provided with an overview of cultural issues likely to be encountered by English language learners both in Australia and overseas.

Duration The program is delivered via distance learning (online) over a period of 40 weeks. However, we recognise the need to consider the possibility that there will be some learners that will require a lesser amount of training (eg. RPL candidates, learners with credit), and some that might need a greater amount of training (eg. Learners with LLN challenges, special needs or other learning disadvantages).

Entry Requirements Although there are no formal pre-requisites, a high level of general written and spoken English are needed to complete the Cert IV TESOL course successfully. Prospective candidates must demonstrate English proficiency. There are a number of options to demonstrate your proficiency, including evidence of previous educational experience or by undertaking an interview and/or an assessment before enrolment.

Delivery Training will be delivered through an online platform using self-directed learning, which will incorporate a variety of learning methods.

You can either enrol directly with Sydney Higher Education Institute (SHEI) or through TESOL Australia, an organization marketing our Certificate IV TESOL.